Evergreen – Living With Plants


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From rooftop gardens to flora-laden balconies, flowers and plants bestow warm grace to unconventional and indoor spaces. Private paradises nestled in the backyards of homes. Rooftops that act as community gardens. Edible patches of beauty hidden within city blocks. Evergreen shows the green aesthetic statement that allows city dwellers to bring nature back into the every day and quenches urban gardening desires. Living with plants is mutually beneficial. Beyond the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, leaves, flowers, and stems bring a warm and individual charisma to any space. From interior decorations to citywide projects, Evergreen invites both community and individual to nurture their green thumb and create a horticultural paradise.

Auteur: Benjamin Barlow
Redactie: Gestalten, Robert Klanten
Illustrator: Florian Bayer
Taal: Engels
Afmetingen: 28x300x240 mm
Gewicht: 1,74 kg
Verschijningsdatum: september 2016
Druk: 1e